There is loads of blogs out there recommend that blogger publish ‘Valuable content’ and essentially stuff that is worth being read. Its obvious that if you’re a writer or whatever you probably have 2-3 posts sitting in the pipe line. Wither it be scrawl in a jotter, half assed post in word, and a final draft sitting in wordpress. What’s stopping you from hitting publish to get the job done.

Maybe it s because you afraid of your readers. I know myself, and im sure many others feel the same way, every time you hit the publish button, or at least are ready to hit it… loads of questions surface.

  • What if they don’t like it? Publish it anyways.
  • What if they get mad? Publish it anyways.
  • What if they think I’m stupid? Publish it anyways.
  • Hit publish regardless, and here is the reasons why,

People Remember Your Best Work – Not Your Worst

For many bloggers the #1 fear is that if you publish a bad article or whatever, and relationship you have with you current readers will disappear and be forever braked as spam. Its true that they are countless blogs that suggest you only publish you very best time and time again. Indeed a notable goal, providing your best content time and time again, however this is not always the best strategy.

I have searched countless blogs before I started to write, so take a look at some of my earlier posts, a mere shadow of some of the greats. However regardless of the poor writing quality and sometimes subject matter, they still get peoples attention and build some sort of rapport with the readers.

If you wait to create amazing posts, rather than publishing consistently you will have very little on your site. I know sounds hypocritical coming from me, with only 2 articles online… but this is the rule I follow from the great Joal Runyon. In his words;

“Nobody holds any of the terrible posts I’ve written over my head because most of them aren’t actually terrible, they’re just not very good. I am not advocating mediocrity, but unless you consistently put out crap without a care and learn nothing from it, you’re much better off getting in the habit of creating and publishing rather than trying to create stellar posts without ever publishing anything.”

Very rarely do readers read a bad post and completely delete you account. What is most likely to happen is that they simply mark it as read in their inbox and leave it at that. Trust me, I do this too. :s

On the other hand however, if you never create epic work, you will find yourself being easily forgotten. Perhaps an epic amount of effort is what is needed in every post and the end result will eventually end. Another great quote from Corbett of ‘Think Traffic’

write epic shit. but in order to get there, you first need to create epic amounts of shit.”

You Have No Idea of the outcome

I don’t think any blogger knows quite what will happen when an article is published. It could be frowned upon by all, hated by millions and leave you a ruin, unlikely, well maybe if you write on the most controversial topic you can find, just to throw a sinister twit on the whole think. It unlikely that the very mention of your name or site will become a social faux pas or taboo. After all the majority of people don’t know what will come of their post. For example I recently posted an article; ‘Amazon Vs eBay; or do they both shit on the little guy’, I really didn’t know what to make of this article, I know that thousands of people are in love with Amazon or eBay and probably an equal amount hate them.. But to be honest, nothing much really happened from this post L much to my disappointment.

Thus highlighting the fact that you just don’t know.

One blogger in particular Steve Pavlina, who writes about self help and personal development stuff published an article entitled ‘How to cook brown rice’In 2007. Check out the stats… not so bad for such a random subject. J

You Get Better

Simple enough. I suppose its common sense, the more you write, the better you get. But only if you publish your work, no matter shit, then you can gauge feedback, stats etc. as well as demonstrating to your readers that your online human I suppose.

“Your goal isn’t to be perfect, your goal is to suck less.” – Joel Runyon

You wont become a novelist overnight, or start of writing stories that move people so deeply that they want to change their lives completely. Its essentially like any undertaking in life, wither it be music, art, drama whatever, only with practice will you improve. Its is no accident that people who create the best ideas also create the most ideas (as well as some of the worst).

You will never know who your audience is until to hit publish.

– Tony

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