Hi everyone,

Firstly, a bit about the company. Armadillo Music Technology Ltd was established in 2009 producing hand-made guitar and music instrument flight cases in Northern Ireland. Orginally the company worked from a small warehouse (which it still maintains) selling to music instrument retailers throughout the provence. In 2010 the company established a foothold on the UK mainland by setting up a small office in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This office delt with the entire online aspect of the company, from  managing the web store, to the blogs, facebook, twitter pages etc. Since then the company has been making slow and steady growth, however it has become clear that new direction is needed.

We love music, we are, in a sense, musicians selling to musicians. The majoirty of our working day is spent playing music, testing new products, exporing the net to find the best music instuments we can find. Which brings us to our blog.

We wanted to bring the fun back into work, and make our customer central to it. Through the blog we aim to publish new and exciting info about the various diffrent instuemtns we encounter from our travels around the world, demo them first hand, and let you, our reader have an imput in the direction of the company.

We want to know what music means to all the different people out there, to the listeners, artists, rockers… and we want to build our company sharing the passion for good music that so many millions already do.

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